Purchase of professional debts, professional credit, business loan


Purchase of professional debts

Purchase of professional debts

Since September, the financial crisis has taken center stage. The sovereign debt of European states and its risks will lead to a recapitalization of banks and a redistribution of their strategy. The problem of financing the economy on a daily basis will arise with the fear of a possible drying up of credit to professionals.

Financing professionals is a vital part of our economy. It conditions the investment capabilities of companies and with it, the prospects for innovation and jobs. All sectors of the economy, especially SMEs, need credit to finance their development.

The banks’ strategy is to lighten their balance sheets and find sources of financing that are cheaper than the dollar. Willingness to sell assets to increase their equity. French banks have the resilience and financial strength that must be reassuring.

Admittedly, the conditions for granting business loans have tightened since the 2008 crisis

business loans

Banks have never stopped lending to companies and the monitoring and analysis of these loans are currently more efficient than a few years ago. . For example, at the end of July, outstanding loans granted to businesses amounted to 815 billion euros.

Recall a key point, banks have no interest in reducing their credit policy. For banks, business credit is a product with high added value. It represents deposits, fees, and commissions and therefore stable resources.

Banks will be very attentive to the projects to be financed

Banks will be very attentive to the projects to be financed

Their choices may be more selective and more rigorous in particular because they will have higher constraints. (BALE 3 agreements). Today the analysis approaches are very sharp and they require a good knowledge of the capacities of the company that solicits a credit. If large companies and large SMEs have financial departments that are able to shape demand for credit, few small businesses or small businesses are equipped for this exercise.

In this context, it is important to seek the advice of banking intermediaries – who are fully aware of the financing arrangements and who will also guide you to the banks most likely to respond favorably to your request. And if you do not have the necessary tools or skills internally, Verena Tarrant is in contact with companies that, if necessary, will help you optimize the presentation of your files from the very beginning of your search for professional financing.

Consolidate all your debts 100% accepted

Debt consolidation is a loan we give to repay all your other creditors. Your payments are merged into one monthly payment payable for up to 30 years.

We offer the best interest rate on the market

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If your financial institution refuses to give you a loan to consolidate your debts or if the necessary monthly payments are too high, do not hesitate to ask for our assistance. We are sure we can help you to see more clearly in your finances and to get out of overindebtedness. The demands of life are not always easy and it can be difficult to cope. Agnes Wickfield.ca is here to offer her support and expertise.

At Agnes Wickfield.ca, we accept:

  • Low income people
  • People without any income
  • Retired people
  • People receiving disability benefits or the CSST

When your debts become a problem

When your family expenses are barely covered by your income and you can no longer repay your debts, you may consider that you are over-indebted. This can lead to problems of all kinds, including stress and anxiety, and it is important to clean up your finances as quickly as possible.

We can help you in less than 24 hours with a debt consolidation loan between $ 1,000 and $ 25,000.

Want to settle your money problem quickly?

Want to settle your money problem quickly?