Behind the Scenes of Good Finance Loan: Meet Our Team of Advisers

More and more of our clients are highlighting the quality of listening, the respect and the efficiency of our team of call center. We wanted to take the opportunity to present this small team on a human scale, dynamic and motivated, 100% based in France.

Our agents ensure the mounting of your file individually. When your application gets a positive agreement in principle, your file is followed from A to Z by the same operator …

Few words about your career and your role at Prêt d’Good Finance?


Margaux: I graduated from BTS Banque alternately at Credit Lyonnais. So I’m quite familiar with the retail banking sector, its operations and products.
I joined Good Finance Loan a little over a year ago, where I now hold the position of Commercial Service Assistant Manager on outgoing calls: I make contact with customers who have made a request on our website. site, I ask them for details about their project, their situation, their needs and explains the operation of Prêt d’Good Finance. This first connection is important: it allows to better know the customers, to validate with them their project and to make sure that they know and understand who we are and what service we offer them.

Jérémy: Before Good Finance loan, I worked at Sofinco as part of my BTS MUC alternately, at the end of which I was hired. I worked in 3 departments, which allowed me to go around the trade of the credit conso. After 5 years, I heard about Good Finance Loan. This company proposed an innovative project. So I decided to leave Sofinco to join Good Finance loan customer service. I have been working there for almost 2 years and I am Assistant Manager like Margaux, but on incoming calls. So I’m part of the team that handles calls from customers. My role is to respond as effectively as possible to clients’ questions and to take advantage of them to refine their project, their need for financing, etc. with them.

Characterize the customer service of Good Finance loan?

Margaux: In my opinion, it is the quality of the customer relationship that makes Good Finance Loan strength. We have a real role of advising clients and we take the time to introduce ourselves and listen to them. We are not limited in “minutes” unlike other customer services in the banking or other sector. “Quality” is much more valued than “quantity”. The speech is not formatted or automated. This specific trait is crucial here. Indeed, customers make their loan application on the internet, they are afraid of scams and lack of security for their data. We show them that behind their screen, we are there and that we take into account their request from A to Z!

Jérémy: We give a real tailor-made service to our customers. The quality of the customer relationship is indeed fundamental but we are also very responsive in the management of the files! Our powerful decision support tools allow us to quickly and efficiently manage our clients’ requests, make personalized proposals and support them throughout their process. In other words, we have all the keys to prove what Good Finance loan claims since the beginning of its creation: a fast human loan.

Where is the Good Finance Loan customer service located?

Where is the Good Finance Loan customer service located?

Margaux: In France of course, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Sometimes, customers do not believe me when I tell them that I see the Eiffel Tower in my office! We are all in the same open space, on the same floor, close to each other. I like the atmosphere of this team on a human scale and welded. This proximity also allows us to circulate information between us and therefore to be more responsive in our business.

Jérémy: We are a small, young team located exclusively in France. I think that beyond reassuring our customers, it also sends a strong positive signal in a difficult context where we are going through a crisis of unemployment, especially among young people. The great mode of offshoring of customer services does not apply at Good Finance loan!

Payday loan direct lender -Visit us to learn more about direct lender payday loans

Visit us to learn more about direct lender payday loans

Choose the right loan

We will share tips on choosing direct lender payday loans. Welcome direct lending!

A business loan is more complex than a mortgage: there are more variables, so advice on source banking on how to best manage risk is a very good idea. Some people think that they want a loan with the lowest interest rate, but these loan options often lack flexibility and may require monthly repayments. You also need to understand the seasonal cash flow fluctuations to determine if you want a loan with monthly, quarterly or annual repayments. Ask your banker to answer the question: “How can I manage this fluctuation and what loan gives me the flexibility to save money in the less profitable parts of the year?” Find out also: “Can I set a loan interest rate? If interest rates begin to change, can I fix a loan without making any changes to the contract and penal costs?” And ask for a loan. For example, if this is a financing agreement, do not take a ten-year loan to buy business equipment that you will use for three years. Business finance will help you grow your business.

Common loan issues

Many companies have different sources of money, and bankers can work on the structure of the loan in these circumstances. For example, if you are a salesman, December and June are the peak times for making cash, while other periods of the year are dedicated to buying maxima. A larger overdraft facility may be needed when in basic expenses mode, as cash may not return for the next three or four months.

Minimize exposure to potential interest rate increases

Specify the maximum interest rate that the company can withstand. Do computer modeling. If interest rates rise to X percent, how will this affect your business and are you still earning enough? Find out how much risk you want to take with interest rates. Some loan products with a variable interest rate allow setting a percentage limit. For example, you can set it to eight percent. In this way you get a variable, but with the protection of a set upper limit. Work with business bankers to structure risk minimizing credit products, but also make sure you understand the cycles. Forecasts for interest rate increases are already included in the agreed rate. Consider combining fixed and variable rates.

More and more companies want to have more freedom in crediting – but you have to remember that in order to use this flexibility you usually have to pay higher fees. However, for everything to go as it should, best adapt your business plan to your credit strategy.

Instant collateral loans for small businesses in Indonesia

Capital is one of the obstacles for some people who want to start a business. Especially for those of you who do not have enough capital to start a business. One way to get capital is by applying for a loan immediately in the place of borrowing money.

But in Indonesia, most of the money lending services require you to provide collateral. For businesses that are still small and new, of course, they still do not have collateral that can be given to get a loan. That’s why loan services without instant collateral are money lending services that are sought after by small business owners.

Collateral is needed to give lenders a sense of security so that when the loan is not paid, the lender does not lose. However, given that Indonesia’s economic condition is still less stable, collateral is certainly one of the things that is burdensome. Small entrepreneurs are more likely to seek loan services without instant collateral which provides loan application terms that are quite easy and safe.

Financial Institution for Instant Collateral Lenders for Small Businesses in Indonesia

Financial Institution for Instant Collateral Lenders for Small Businesses in Indonesia

For those of you who need a loan service without any conditions, some financial institutions and government programs make it easy for you to get a capital loan. Of course, each financial institution provides certain conditions that you must fulfill. The financial institutions that provide unsecured loans for small businesses in Indonesia are:

  • Cooperative

Borrowing money in cooperatives is much safer and more importantly, easy conditions and fast processes. Only by registering as a member of the cooperative, you can directly borrow money and loans immediately liquid. In addition the cooperative also gives you profits in the form of residual proceeds (SHU) that are given at the end of each year. The bigger the loan amount, the more SHU you can get.

  • Unsecured Credit (KTA)

By applying for a loan through KTA, you do not need any collateral. The process of getting a loan is very fast and the conditions are quite easy. To get a loan you only need a KTP and a credit card. The process of paying a loan is done through a credit card. Make sure the loan without collateral is right on target according to your business needs so that the return can be on time.

  • People’s Business Credit (KUR)

KUR is a program created by the government to help provide capital to small and medium enterprises with easy conditions. If you want to borrow money without collateral through KUR, you can apply for loans at several local banks appointed by the government. Some of them are BRI, BNI, BTN, Mandiri, Bukopin, and Mandiri Syariah banks.

How to get collateral loans from the government

How to get collateral loans from the government

There are many ways you can get a loan with easy terms. One of them is by applying for loans through a program held by the government. To support domestic economic growth, the Indonesian government created many capital loan programs, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. In order to be able to take part in this program, there are several steps that you must do, including:

  • Make a business proposal as attractive as possible that describes the business you are developing
  • Be diligent in opening government sites such as the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, and Cooperative and SME Ministry sites.
  • Apply for loans without instant collateral through the people’s business credit program (KUR)

How to get loans without instant collateral online

How to get loans without instant collateral online

One alternative to get a loan without instant collateral is through online money loan services. The development of technology is one of the factors in the emergence of liquid online direct loan services without collateral. By applying for a loan online, there will be many conveniences that you can get, one of which is a fast process. In addition, you can apply for a loan without any collateral.

You can get one of the instant loan collateral services at Lady Only by applying for a loan online and do a complete and valid online loan loan form. After that, wait a few moments until your loan proposal is approved and in less than 24 hours the online loan funds are immediately liquid. The funds will be transferred to your bank account.

Direct online liquid loans without collateral are suitable for those of you who are developing small businesses. Applying for a loan at Lady Macbeth ID for example, you are free to decide for yourself the amount of loan you want and the maturity. A calculator on a money loan without collateral will calculate the amount of the loan you have to pay.

In addition to the convenience of applying for an online money loan immediately liquid, you can do the return process easily. Simply transfer the loan payment to the account of the online loan service provider through ATM, mobile banking or internet banking. Remember the maturity of your loan repayments should not be past due because you will get additional fees.

Things you must know before applying for unsecured loans

Things you must know before applying for unsecured loans

There are a number of things you should know about loans without collateral. Some of them are the interest that will be charged to you tends to be higher when compared to conventional loans. In addition, the amount of funds that you can borrow is quite limited, not as large as conventional loans. And also the loan maturity is quite short and you will be charged an additional interest if you are late in repaying the loan.

Smart Tips for Getting a Unsecured Loan

Smart Tips for Getting a Unsecured Loan

Many people assume that by using a loan service without instant collateral there is no risk or loss that you can get. The disadvantages referred to here are the shortcomings of loan providers without collateral compared to financial institutions providing loans with collateral. Of course before you decide to apply for a loan, you must know in advance the type of financial services.

You don’t need to worry about using a loan service without instant collateral because of the fact that there are many conveniences that you can get. You must be a wise money borrower by paying attention to a number of things so that you can decide to use money loan services without collateral or conventional loan services. The following are smart tips for applying for loans for those of you who have a small business:

  1. Calculate the amount of money you need. Borrowing money in excess of or less than your needs is not the right choice. You should borrow a little more than your needs so that your financial condition is safer so you don’t need to apply for a loan again.
  2. Choose loan services without collateral that are comfortable and safe for you. If you need a loan that is urgent, you should use a loan service without instant collateral that provides a fast process and easy conditions.
  3. Comparing several existing loan services. Before deciding to apply for a loan on a money loan service, it would be better if you know the background of the loan service. For example, if you want to apply for a loan at Lady Macbeth ID, you can find out info and background on loan services by opening the official website.
  4. Know the terms and conditions for applying for a loan without collateral. Some loan providers provide different terms and conditions. Look carefully so you can get a loan easily.
  5. If you find that your loan application is rejected, don’t despair first because there are still many loan providers without instant collateral that you can try.

Holiday home as an investment object: clarify financing before buying!

In Germany, real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment. The current trend among real estate investors is the acquisition of holiday real estate. The properties are rented for a short time, over typical periods of one to 14 days. Today we would like to inform you about what is attractive about investing in holiday properties and what hurdles lurking in the financing.

For holiday properties attract above-average returns

For holiday properties attract above-average returns

The increased interest in holiday real estate that serves as an investment is not surprising. Given the current low interest rates, rented buildings are already attractive with attractive returns – and for holiday properties, yields may be even higher.

Reason for this is the short-term rental. Although the objects may be empty most of the time. But in the time they are let, above-average revenue is generated. Compared to a conventional / long-term rental, rental income can be 50 to 100 percent higher.

At the same time, it has become easier to find tenants for holiday homes. Online portals help to present objects to a large target group. Correspondingly, good capacity utilization is attractive as long as the building and equipment meet the increased demands of the tenants.

Crack point financing

Crack point financing

Considering the attracting returns, one would think that holiday properties are highly favored by investors. However, this is only partially true. As described in the introduction, although the objects are again in the trend, nevertheless, many a prospective customer of his project looks again.

The most common reason for this is the challenges facing real estate financing. When financing investment properties of this kind, finding the right financing partner is not easy. Many banks deliberately abstain, they deliberately do not finance holiday real estate.

Many banks are simply too risky. In a classic and thus long-term rental income is safe. The short-term rental of an object involves other risks. There is a higher likelihood that the holiday home or apartment will not be let for a few weeks, thus avoiding significant rental income.

In addition, the landlord is not always able to take care of the object intensively. Often he lives further away, which is why some banks also draw radius. This means that a financing commitment is only possible if the property is within certain distance from the residence of the owner (eg 50 km).

Find the right financing partner

Fortunately, the financing market has changed noticeably in recent years. On the one hand, there are more banks offering private mortgage lending, on the other hand financial institutions have become more flexible with their financing offers. This has improved the chances of obtaining a loan.

Nevertheless, the financing market is not so easy to survey. That’s exactly why our service is so poor: we’re here to help prospective buyers and follow-on financiers. On the one hand, we help to design the financing, ie the loan is matched in detail to the respective requirements. On the other hand, we are looking for financing partners who are looking for a financing commitment. We then analyze the financing offers in detail, so that our customers also benefit from low interest rates.

Do you want to buy a holiday home? We support you in the coordination of your real estate financing and the search for loans with a low interest rate. Our service is free and without obligation. So you do not enter any liability and decide in the end whether and by whom you want to finance. We look forward to your inquiry!

Credit 5000 euros to 9000 €, The Practical Guide for Your Loan

Credit from € 5,000 to € 9,000: the right rate for your loan

To finance work, health costs or a nice vacation on the other side of the world, a loan can be considered. How to borrow 5,000 euros and under what conditions? At what rate? Specific conditions apply in credit institutions on loan € 5,000, loan € 6,000 and up to loan 9,000 euros.


What type of credit to choose for a loan of 5,000 to 9,000 €?

What type of credit to choose for a loan of 5,000 to 9,000 €?

For these amount levels, there are 3 types of credit:

the loan of € 7,000 earmarked: in the framework of works, this credit finances only what has been designated in the contract;

revolving credit: for a credit of 5,000 or a loan of 6,000 euros, this amount is treated as a reserve which is replenished according to your repayments. This is the best option for getting small monthly payments;

Loan 8,000 euros or more in the form of personal loan or consumer credit: no special restrictions.



Loan of 8 000 €: benefit from the best rate

Loan of 8 000 €: benefit from the best rate

For a quick credit request and to get the best rate, it is a good idea to test online comparators or use a simulator. In addition, the borrowing capacity or debt capacity corresponding to the maximum acceptable monthly income payment will be systematically requested by the banks to assess the solvency.


When comparing the results given by an online comparator, it must be verified that the interest rate given is the APR or the annual percentage rate of charge. For a loan of 5,000 euros or a loan of 8,000 euros and for all other amounts, this rate includes the basic interest rate, various fees and possibly insurance premiums. In force since the law on consumer credit, the APR allows the borrower to have all the necessary information when applying for credit 5,000 euros, 6,000 euros and more.


It is advisable to use a comparator or simulator to find the most advantageous rate!

Smart Ways to Choose Fast Online Loans

Online loans can now be an alternative for those of you who don’t want to go through the complicated process of lending funds in banks.

Through online loans, you can get a loan in a flash because the approval process generally will only take 1 to 3 days. Therefore, lightning loans are very beneficial for those of you who have sudden funding needs.

Compared to borrowing from banks, online loans are superior in several ways. For example, you don’t need to fulfill BI checking requirements. Your credit history will not be seen. In addition, the submission process is more practical because it can be done online. You can apply for an individual personal loan only through a website without limited place and time.

However, the growing growth of online fund loans can make you confused. Here are tips that you can use to more intelligently choose a flash online loan.

1. See the conditions specified

1. See the conditions specified

Most people choose online loans because of easy conditions. If this loan asks for documents such as ID cards, family cards, account statements, and other documents, it will certainly be quite difficult and will take time to fulfill.

Choose an online loan that makes it easy for you. There are still several online loans that only require a KTP and a photo of yourself as a mandatory document.

2 Compare the interest and fees that need to be paid

2 Compare the interest and fees that need to be paid

With the nature of being online, make sure you find out as much as possible all the costs that need to be spent to borrow the funds. Compare the interest applied with other online loans. Also find out about administrative costs, loan term, maturity and other costs.

3 Disbursement Time

3 Disbursement Time

Why choose an online loan if the time of withdrawal is long like a bank? In fact, the speed of disbursement of online funds varies. Someone agreed to do it in a day, but there were also those that took up to 3 days to disburse the loan.

You as a borrower must be more observant with the promised flash loan. Find out in advance so you can choose this loan correctly.

Do you need a flash online loan? Jules Maigret is here to help your financial management by providing personal personal loans when there is an urgent need. Just apply online, you can get the desired funds.

Purchase of professional debts, professional credit, business loan


Purchase of professional debts

Purchase of professional debts

Since September, the financial crisis has taken center stage. The sovereign debt of European states and its risks will lead to a recapitalization of banks and a redistribution of their strategy. The problem of financing the economy on a daily basis will arise with the fear of a possible drying up of credit to professionals.

Financing professionals is a vital part of our economy. It conditions the investment capabilities of companies and with it, the prospects for innovation and jobs. All sectors of the economy, especially SMEs, need credit to finance their development.

The banks’ strategy is to lighten their balance sheets and find sources of financing that are cheaper than the dollar. Willingness to sell assets to increase their equity. French banks have the resilience and financial strength that must be reassuring.

Admittedly, the conditions for granting business loans have tightened since the 2008 crisis

business loans

Banks have never stopped lending to companies and the monitoring and analysis of these loans are currently more efficient than a few years ago. . For example, at the end of July, outstanding loans granted to businesses amounted to 815 billion euros.

Recall a key point, banks have no interest in reducing their credit policy. For banks, business credit is a product with high added value. It represents deposits, fees, and commissions and therefore stable resources.

Banks will be very attentive to the projects to be financed

Banks will be very attentive to the projects to be financed

Their choices may be more selective and more rigorous in particular because they will have higher constraints. (BALE 3 agreements). Today the analysis approaches are very sharp and they require a good knowledge of the capacities of the company that solicits a credit. If large companies and large SMEs have financial departments that are able to shape demand for credit, few small businesses or small businesses are equipped for this exercise.

In this context, it is important to seek the advice of banking intermediaries – who are fully aware of the financing arrangements and who will also guide you to the banks most likely to respond favorably to your request. And if you do not have the necessary tools or skills internally, Verena Tarrant is in contact with companies that, if necessary, will help you optimize the presentation of your files from the very beginning of your search for professional financing.

Consolidate all your debts 100% accepted

Debt consolidation is a loan we give to repay all your other creditors. Your payments are merged into one monthly payment payable for up to 30 years.

We offer the best interest rate on the market

interest rate

If your financial institution refuses to give you a loan to consolidate your debts or if the necessary monthly payments are too high, do not hesitate to ask for our assistance. We are sure we can help you to see more clearly in your finances and to get out of overindebtedness. The demands of life are not always easy and it can be difficult to cope. Agnes is here to offer her support and expertise.

At Agnes, we accept:

  • Low income people
  • People without any income
  • Retired people
  • People receiving disability benefits or the CSST

When your debts become a problem

When your family expenses are barely covered by your income and you can no longer repay your debts, you may consider that you are over-indebted. This can lead to problems of all kinds, including stress and anxiety, and it is important to clean up your finances as quickly as possible.

We can help you in less than 24 hours with a debt consolidation loan between $ 1,000 and $ 25,000.

Want to settle your money problem quickly?

Want to settle your money problem quickly?