Behind the Scenes of Good Finance Loan: Meet Our Team of Advisers

More and more of our clients are highlighting the quality of listening, the respect and the efficiency of our team of call center. We wanted to take the opportunity to present this small team on a human scale, dynamic and motivated, 100% based in France.

Our agents ensure the mounting of your file individually. When your application gets a positive agreement in principle, your file is followed from A to Z by the same operator …

Few words about your career and your role at Prêt d’Good Finance?


Margaux: I graduated from BTS Banque alternately at Credit Lyonnais. So I’m quite familiar with the retail banking sector, its operations and products.
I joined Good Finance Loan a little over a year ago, where I now hold the position of Commercial Service Assistant Manager on outgoing calls: I make contact with customers who have made a request on our website. site, I ask them for details about their project, their situation, their needs and explains the operation of Prêt d’Good Finance. This first connection is important: it allows to better know the customers, to validate with them their project and to make sure that they know and understand who we are and what service we offer them.

Jérémy: Before Good Finance loan, I worked at Sofinco as part of my BTS MUC alternately, at the end of which I was hired. I worked in 3 departments, which allowed me to go around the trade of the credit conso. After 5 years, I heard about Good Finance Loan. This company proposed an innovative project. So I decided to leave Sofinco to join Good Finance loan customer service. I have been working there for almost 2 years and I am Assistant Manager like Margaux, but on incoming calls. So I’m part of the team that handles calls from customers. My role is to respond as effectively as possible to clients’ questions and to take advantage of them to refine their project, their need for financing, etc. with them.

Characterize the customer service of Good Finance loan?

Margaux: In my opinion, it is the quality of the customer relationship that makes Good Finance Loan strength. We have a real role of advising clients and we take the time to introduce ourselves and listen to them. We are not limited in “minutes” unlike other customer services in the banking or other sector. “Quality” is much more valued than “quantity”. The speech is not formatted or automated. This specific trait is crucial here. Indeed, customers make their loan application on the internet, they are afraid of scams and lack of security for their data. We show them that behind their screen, we are there and that we take into account their request from A to Z!

Jérémy: We give a real tailor-made service to our customers. The quality of the customer relationship is indeed fundamental but we are also very responsive in the management of the files! Our powerful decision support tools allow us to quickly and efficiently manage our clients’ requests, make personalized proposals and support them throughout their process. In other words, we have all the keys to prove what Good Finance loan claims since the beginning of its creation: a fast human loan.

Where is the Good Finance Loan customer service located?

Where is the Good Finance Loan customer service located?

Margaux: In France of course, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Sometimes, customers do not believe me when I tell them that I see the Eiffel Tower in my office! We are all in the same open space, on the same floor, close to each other. I like the atmosphere of this team on a human scale and welded. This proximity also allows us to circulate information between us and therefore to be more responsive in our business.

Jérémy: We are a small, young team located exclusively in France. I think that beyond reassuring our customers, it also sends a strong positive signal in a difficult context where we are going through a crisis of unemployment, especially among young people. The great mode of offshoring of customer services does not apply at Good Finance loan!