Credit 5000 euros to 9000 €, The Practical Guide for Your Loan

Credit from € 5,000 to € 9,000: the right rate for your loan

To finance work, health costs or a nice vacation on the other side of the world, a loan can be considered. How to borrow 5,000 euros and under what conditions? At what rate? Specific conditions apply in credit institutions on loan € 5,000, loan € 6,000 and up to loan 9,000 euros.


What type of credit to choose for a loan of 5,000 to 9,000 €?

What type of credit to choose for a loan of 5,000 to 9,000 €?

For these amount levels, there are 3 types of credit:

the loan of € 7,000 earmarked: in the framework of works, this credit finances only what has been designated in the contract;

revolving credit: for a credit of 5,000 or a loan of 6,000 euros, this amount is treated as a reserve which is replenished according to your repayments. This is the best option for getting small monthly payments;

Loan 8,000 euros or more in the form of personal loan or consumer credit: no special restrictions.



Loan of 8 000 €: benefit from the best rate

Loan of 8 000 €: benefit from the best rate

For a quick credit request and to get the best rate, it is a good idea to test online comparators or use a simulator. In addition, the borrowing capacity or debt capacity corresponding to the maximum acceptable monthly income payment will be systematically requested by the banks to assess the solvency.


When comparing the results given by an online comparator, it must be verified that the interest rate given is the APR or the annual percentage rate of charge. For a loan of 5,000 euros or a loan of 8,000 euros and for all other amounts, this rate includes the basic interest rate, various fees and possibly insurance premiums. In force since the law on consumer credit, the APR allows the borrower to have all the necessary information when applying for credit 5,000 euros, 6,000 euros and more.


It is advisable to use a comparator or simulator to find the most advantageous rate!