Privacy Policy

Maisons-en-vacances is committed to the protection and privacy of any personal information that you may give us.


In this Privacy Policy we explain how we handle your personal information. We try to be clear in our explanation but if you have any questions after reading it please contact our Data Privacy Officer (contact details are below).


1. What is personal information and why do we ask for it?


Personal information includes any information that can be used to personally identify you.


Personal information is used by Maisons-en-vacances to sell our goods and services, to improve our range, offerings, and employment opportunities. Maisons-en-vacances will link the personal information you provide across our digital services in order to provide you with a personal experience.


We will also use your information to track your behaviour on the Maisons-en-vacances website. This may include the products or pages you have viewed and/or the products in your online shopping cart. By doing this we can provide a browsing experience that is relevant to you, provide stock availability and when you have provided consent, send you marketing communication or specific offers based on your interests or online behaviour.


Sensitive information is collected by Maisons-en-vacances to offer our service, our children's play area, where we need to know about any health issues so that we can care for your children in the best possible way. Other areas where we can collect sensitive information include incident reports where an injury has occurred or as part of a background checks a part of the employment process for certain positions. We will always securely handle and store this information when collected.


If we receive Personal information that Maisons-en-vacances has not asked for or we decide is not reasonably needed, we will aim to de-identify or delete this information to protect your privacy.


You are able to create a profile which enables you to purchase Maisons-en-vacances products and services without having to provide your personal information every time you shop online or in store with us.


If you have agreed we will send you information about products, services and offers that we think may be of interest to you. The methods of communicate we offer are via: email, phone calls, web, or via post. If you have told us that you prefer a way of us contacting you, we will try to use that method wherever possible.


Changing your preferences


You can “opt-out” of marketing communications at any time by replying in the same way that you received the communication, updating your Maisons-en-vacances Acocount online or by contacting the Data Privacy Officer (contact details below).


2. What personal information we collect

Maisons-en-vacances collects personal and sensitive information in the course of its everyday activities. Maisons-en-vacances will only collect such personal and sensitive information when necessary for one of our functions or activities.


Some examples of the types of information which we collect include:




telephone numbers;

email addresses;

dates of birth;

transaction history;

Device identification information when you use a computer, mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or other device to access our Maisons-en-vacances digital services. This information can include session cookies, your device IMEI number, IP address or MAC address.

Demographic data from a third party that we use to add to your Maisons-en-vacances Family account and online Maisons-en-vacances profile, and thereby learn more about your possible interests and tailor our communications to you accordingly.

3. How we collect your personal information

Personal information can be collected when you:


Register your details on our website via creating an Maisons-en-vacances Account, apps or kiosks;

Complete purchase orders requests or applications for our products or services (by phone, in person or electronically);

Communicate with us directly via our customer service centre, or via co-workers within our stores in relation to our products and services (in person, by email, telephone, direct mail or any other means);

After contacting our customer service centre, we send you a survey to gather feedback based on your experience and help with our co-worker training program. The survey will be linked to the interaction you had with the customer service centre.


Use our services such as:

home delivery,

kitchen planning,

Conduct certain types of transactions such as purchases, refunds;

Enter or interact with us during promotions, competitions, special events, or by using devices within our stores;

Participate in surveys and other types of research.


When using the Maisons-en-vacances website we use ‘cookies' to ensure that it acts as you'd expect. Cookies are small text files sent by us to your computer which we can refer to later. They can be either a ‘session' or ‘persistent' cookies and may use either JavaScript or Flash. Cookies help us make your website experience smooth and as relevant to you as possible.



4. Disclosure of information

Maisons-en-vacances will sometimes share relevant information with other companies that they need to carry out a service requested by you i.e. furniture delivery, benchtop services, warranty issues, etc.


When we share your information, the other company is only allowed to use your information to carry out the service which you have requested. They are required to follow the privacy laws and privacy guidelines and to take reasonable measures to ensure your Personal Information is secure.


Maisons-en-vacances does not sell Personal Information to any individuals, companies or groups. Personal Information we collect is only used for the purposes described in this privacy policy.


Personal and Sensitive Information is not disclosed to any other person except with your consent, at your direction, where we are required to by law or to any person authorised by such law (this may include the police service, or government departments or regulators within UK in connection with law enforcement activities).


5. Third party web sites

Links to other company's websites are provided to make things easier for you. If you use these links, you will leave the Maisons-en-vacances site. Maisons-en-vacances is not responsible for any of these sites, their content or their usage of your Personal Information.


6. Anonymity

Maisons-en-vacances respects the right for you to deal with us without identifying yourself and understands that you don't have to give any information requested by us.


If you choose not to give us the information we have asked for, we will not be able to give you the goods or carry out services, particularly if the information is required by law.


7. Storage of information

Personal and Sensitive Information you provide is stored in both hard (i.e. paper based) and soft formats (i.e. IT based). Information is kept securely either on Maisons-en-vacances sites or on Maisons-en-vacances IT systems and only accessible by authorised staff.


Maisons-en-vacances makes reasonable efforts to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer needed.


We are committed to ensuring your Personal Information is secure and protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


8. Access, correction and sensitive information

You have a right to request access to all Personal Information that Maisons-en-vacances has about you. Access may be refused as per the exceptions outlined in the United Kingdom's Privacy Principles.


Maisons-en-vacances makes reasonable efforts to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer needed.


Maisons-en-vacances's Data Privacy Officer (contact details below) should be contacted if you wish to access your information. Maisons-en-vacances will have to confirm your identity before allowing access to the information. Access will generally be granted within 30 days of a written request being received by the Data Privacy Officer. This information will be provided free of cost.


You can also access your Personal Information by editing your online membership profile or through our in store kiosks.


If you become aware of any errors or missing information in your Personal Information once you have access, you should contact the Data Privacy Officer so that it can be corrected.

9. Retention of your personal data

Maisons-en-vacances will only retain your personal information when there is a business purpose. This means that the retention periods will vary according to the type of information and the reason that we have the information in the first place. In some instances, the Terms & Conditions in applications for our products or services, will detail how long the personal information you provide will be retained.


If an Maisons-en-vacances Account is inactive for a period of 3 years (from the date of creation), the Maisons-en-vacances Account deleted.


If you decide to engage with home delivery, click & collect or other services online (as a guest) without an Maisons-en-vacances Account, the personal information you provide will only be kept for a period of 2 months.


10. Changes to this statement

Maisons-en-vacances will continue to use new technologies and improve the services and features we provide. As a result, this Privacy Policy is subject to change. If there are changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post them here or in other formats for you to view.


11. Contacting Maisons-en-vacances

If individuals details change at any time, they have questions regarding this Privacy Policy or they would like more information about the way Maisons-en-vacances manages their personal and sensitive information, they should contact the Privacy Officer:


Maisons-en-vacances has a Data Privacy Officer who you can contact to:

• Update your personal information (i.e. if you have moved to a new apartment or have changed your phone number).

• Solve any questions about our Privacy Policy.

• Get more information about how Maisons-en-vacances manage your personal information.


12. Complaints

If you feel your privacy has been breached, please contact us using the contact details above, informing us of the circumstances and reasons for your complaint. We will review any complaints and respond to them within a reasonable period of time.


Phone: +441787522085

Address: 385 Dunchurch Rd, Rugby CV42 6HU, United Kingdom